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If you have recently acquired a strata titled property, the following information may be of interest to you…


The Building Maintenance & Strata Management (BMSM) Act governs management of the common property of strata titled developments in Singapore.
  •  Maintenance Fee For Common Area Management

As a purchaser/owner of a strata lot (eg.  an apartment or shop unit) within a strata titled development (eg. a condominium or commercial / industrial building), you are required to make an initial remittance of six months maintenance fee upon collection of your keys to the unit.  The maintenance fee goes into maintaining and managing the common facilities and amenities that is outside of your unit but situated within the strata titled development. This is a legislative requirement within the provisions of the BMSM Act.  After the six months, the maintenance fee is collectible on either a monthly or quarterly basis.  The collection of the maintenance fee will continue till a new management and sinking fund contribution rate is being decided at the First Annual General Meeting of the Management Corporation.
  • Defects Liability Period
When you collect the keys to your unit, the Developer may request you to complete a form highlighting the existence of any defects within your unit.  You should carry out a thorough check throughout your unit and highlight any defects on the form and return it to the Developer accordingly.  If you would like the Developer to address the issues highlighted by you, it is important that you return the form to the Developer before you commence with any renovation works that you may intend to carry out.  Upon receipt of your form, the Developer will arrange for the defects to be rectified.  The “window period” by which you may give your feedback to the Developer on any defects found within your unit is twelve months from the date of your collection of keys to the unit.  This period is usually referred to as the defects liability period. 
  •  Constitution of Management Corporation
All strata titled developments are required to be constituted as Management Corporations as is provided for by the BMSM Act.  Upon the constitution of the Management Corporation, the Developer is required to convene the First Annual General Meeting within 13 months from the date of constitution. 
  •  Management & Sinking Fund Contributions
All owners of the Management Corporation will be notified to attend the First Annual General Meeting.  At the general meeting, decisions will be taken on issues relating to the management of the common property.  Owners present at the general meeting will decide on the management and sinking fund contribution rates that will be collected in the year ahead.  The establishment of the management and sinking fund contributions are required by the BMSM Act.  The rates are reviewed at each yearly annual general meeting.
  • Council 
If you are interested in contributing your time and knowledge to the common area management, you may choose to be elected to the Council of the Management Corporation at the general meeting.  The election of council members is carried out at each annual general meeting.

There are many aspects to common area management and some of which may involve various technical and legal compliance requirements.  We will be pleased to share more with you.  Send us an email and we will be in contact with you.


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