Our Services

1       General Management Services:


·           Responsible for the daily operations of the Management Council / Committee or Building Owner (Client)

·           Ensuring compliance with established legislations, guidelines and rules and regulations required by the Authorities

·           Ensuring compliance of by-laws and regulations established by the Client.

·           Offering advice on matters of management, procedures and general legal matters


2       Secretarial and Administrative Services:


·           Convening annual general meetings and attending to operational meetings by the Client

·           Providing and maintaining the minutes of such meetings

·           Maintaining an updated strata roll for Clients who are Management Corporations

·           Submitting monthly operation reports to the Client

·           Liaising with auditors, solicitors or the relevant Authorities on matters pertaining to the development


3       Inspection and Maintenance Solutions:


·           Supervising the performance of service providers contracted by the Client

·           Ensuring regular inspection and carrying out of proper corrective and preventive maintenance 

4         Financial and Accounting Services:  

                  ·            Billing, collecting and recovering payments for maintenance charges, fees, arrears and interests for the Client 
                    ·            Book-keeping and preparation of monthly financial statements for the operations of the Client

      ·            Facilitate the audit process of the accounts with the auditor appointed by the Client